"Philip Morris Armenia" LLC Research & Development Center
The building, which was planned to have the ”Philip Morris” Research and Development Center, is the existing building 13 located on 105 Teryan Street in Yerevan, NPUA. The building was designed and built in the post-war period, in the 50s of the last century, and served as the districts’ student bath. At the backside of the buildings’ roof, large water tanks were installed. This is the reason for the difference in the roof markings and the powerful beams. Later, the same volume was redesigned as a student canteen. Currently, only the first floor is used as a canteen, and the basement is partially used. The second floor and the roof were provided for the “Philip Morris” Research and Development Center, and an attic was designed on the roof. Due to many years of operation, the building has suffered damages and the current condition does not meet the RA seismic norms. Since it was not possible to strengthen the whole structure according to the design task, it was decided to alleviate the accident situation by dismantling the roof made of heavy reinforced concrete structures, thus unloading the structure, and closing certain openings to ensure sufficient rigidity. The roof tiles were uninstalled and the roof of the top floor was fixed, on which the light metal constructions were placed, organizing the attic. The lobbies of the first and second floors were redesigned, and the surrounding area of the building was improved with small architectural ways. The area was paved and landscaped. The project is developed by "Heating, Ventilation and Cooling", "Power Supply", "Downstream Systems" and "Water Supply and Sewerage" systems.