Office space & hotel in Dzoraghbyur
Dzorakhbyur district
The designed project is located in Jrvej community of Kotayk region, on the Yerevan-Garni highway in front of the Jrvej Forest reserve. The plot of land, provided for the construction of the building, is located next to the suburban houses, and has a complex outline with a 5.25 meters slope from one end of the project to the other with a length of 80 meters. The plan is to build a multi-functional complex in a single volume consisting of four blocks separated by anti-seismic seams. The complex composition of the structure with the void (by the square of the highway) is conditioned by the plot’s proximity to the highway and its outline with entrances to the office areas and the shop, leading to passages to the back of the building. One of the passages opens up to the entrance of the hotel. The basement floor is located between the 3rd and the 12th section of the building. The maximum height between the 3rd section or ±0.000 to the 12th section is 19.60 meters. Flat roofs are operated from the 2nd to 5th section between the 3rd and 12th. Natural stone of white color is used in the decoration of the building, "CORTEN" type metal, and exposed concrete. The construction area is - 1,278 m2 The total area is - 14 748 m2 The rentable area is - 5 614 m2