"Dragonfly INN" Carpet Museum in Garni
The project "Dragonfly INN" carpet museum is located in Garni, on the road to Geghard. The building used to function as a restaurant and was built without the intervention of design specialists. The walls are mainly made of rough stones and not built at once, with the absence of a certain constructive system. Taking into account the conclusion given about the structure and its constructive elements, a reinforcement project was adopted for the building: the roofs and walls were strengthened, the constructive scheme was clarified. The building was redesigned and adapted as a museum-exhibition hall. Conferences have been adapted to conduct. An exhibition hall was added at the back of the building. As the main fa├žade opens onto the highway, access to the museum is organized in the middle of the space, where you can relax and wait before watching a show. The light-glazed hall opens into the yard. The museum is equipped with amenities, bathrooms and a cloakroom. The roof of the hall at the back is exploitable, the cafe and the auditorium-hall open on it. The adapted structure is equipped with engineering systems corresponding to its new function.