Private villa in Vahagni Neighborhood
"Vahagni" neighborhood
The distinctive peculiarity of the area, where the house owned by Uzunyan family is located, is that the properties here are not fenced, which is not typical for Armenia. The client, however, wished to have relatively isolated outdoor space for recreation area. Taking into consideration the client’s requirements and the context in which the house exists, we suggested the following design solution. The architectural composition consists of three volumes arranged on the same axis in a way that a patio is formed which provides the owner with more privacy and fits the environment. The first two-storey volume contains a garage, a utility room and an entrance hall. The medial in standing single-storey part of the building with the large glazed opening to the patio and swimming pool is designed for a living room, dining room and kitchen. The bedrooms are set in the third two-storey section. The house is built with the local white travertine.