Private villa in Kanaker
The residence owed by Hakobyan family is located in Kanaker, one of the old, spontaneously developed districts in Yerevan. The challenge was to build a confortable house, integrated within its surrounding environment, on a small plot and with limited means. The design of the house was determined by its location close to the street. It is a rectangular volume with a courtyard that separates the enterance to the residence from the street. The hall and the master's bedroom on the upper floor look out into the courtyard, while small irregular apertures in the fasade provide more illumination. The basement with its glass opening in the ceiling is lit through the courtyard. The peculiarity of the composition is a series of interconnected inner spaces, composed of the courtyard, hallway with a large glass opening and the backyard. The kitchen is a focal point in the house. It is not only the place to cook and to eat, but it is a main meeting place with family and friends. It opens into the backyard. A hallway joins the kitchen with the living room and the stairs from the bedrooms lead down to here. The house is built of local materials and with polished Ani tufa stone slabs.